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One of the greatest ways emergency providers can positively impact patient care is to instill knowledge, skills, and professionalism in the generations of providers who follow in their footsteps. The Program for Innovation in Clinical Education (PINNACLE) helps Emergency Medicine faculty at University of Colorado Hospital, Denver Health Medical Center, and St. Joseph Hospital meet this challenge.

We use digital marketing tools such as email and text messages to deliver just-in-time, evidence-based clinical teaching content to the front-lines of EM education. Our customized, synchronized 52-week clinical teaching curriculum has been shown to improve learner satisfaction with faculty teaching performance year after year since its inception.

Enrolled faculty receive high-yield teaching content weekly and most also receive follow-up just-in-time text messages prior to their clinical shifts (we are not yet offering text message reminders for APP and St. Joseph faculty). Faculty always have the option to unsubscribe from either texts or emails.




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